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What Teachers Are Saying

We sure appreciate having you! The kids loved the activities!

I really appreciate having experts come in and give students information so that they receive critical information from a variety of sources.

Excellent job as always.

Your presenter is very professional and does a great job of engaging the students. She is very well prepared and presents the information in an interesting and informative style that is non-threatening to the students. We feel fortunate to have someone of her quality work with our students!

Students are attentive and engaged during the presentations...very well received.

We really enjoyed having the presentations at our school.

I cannot begin to express my appreciation for all that you are doing for our students! Your services are invaluable.

What Students Are Saying

I liked what you said about how we should work on know, trust and rely first during the relationship part.

Thank you for spending your time with us. The whole curriculum was fun and interesting.

I learned plenty of new information and I will make better choices in my future.

I just got out of a toxic relationship so hearing about healthy relationships was so helpful.

I loved the presentation, it made me open my eyes and make better decisions.

I like how you said you’re not telling us what to do, but informing us to make our own decisions.

I’m pregnant now and I wish I had this presentation before so I could have made different choices