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SHARE Mission

SHARE's mission is to positively influence young people by educating them about the benefits of sexual risk avoidance. Classes encourage and empower informed decision making.


  • Inform and educate young people regarding the outcomes of their sexual choices
  • Teach a positive and healthy approach to sexual risk avoidance techniques
  • Encourage a lifestyle reflecting sexual risk avoidance techniques
  • Encourage healthy relationships and goal setting
  • Empower youth with skills to resist pressures and build confidence in healthy decision making models


  • Interactive program that allows young people to make decisions for their sexual health based on informed choices
  • Age appropriate, 3-4 day program taught in middle school, junior high and high school health classes
  • Highly trained instructors and nursing professional presenters
  • Cited and medically accurate statistics sourced from the CDC, NIH, Medical Institute for Sexual Health


  • Pre-test students for a qualitative measurement of knowledge
  • Post-test students for a quantitative measurement of knowledge and possible behavioral changes